• Are you looking for genuine and proven home business ideas ? Below are 10 home business ideas which will enable you to work by sitting at your home.
  • Dedicate yourself to in a bakery produce, such as gourmand cakes, wedding ceremony cakes, cakes made of cheese etc... Cook them in the oven at your home & place them up for sale to your local eating place or to persons (verify with your state fitness examiner to observe if you can have this kind of selling from your house).
  • Study how to reupholster dinner room seating & furniture. Purchase second-hand furniture at reasonable cost, refinish it & put them again for sale in the paper classifieds, currency Saver or eBay.
  • Resell second-hand reading materials on eBay, Amazon.com or Half.com bought from garage sales, economy stores, property sales, etc.
  • You can plant seedlings or spread your plants, replant & put up for sale.
  • You can also start looking after babies or baby sittings in your home or children whose parents work whole day and don’t get time to look after their kids after school, you can start special care program for them.
  • Make humorous expressions or graphic designs and print those designs on t-shirts or jeans you can sell it of at good price.
  • You can create a book on various recipe and put up for sale.
  • If you are having a digital camera then start taking photographs of pet animals and birds and develop photography business.
  • You can try Joining Monster.com and see if you can become a telecommuter or freelancer. You can Search "telecommute" on Google.

Question from User

Question: Dear Sir or Madam, Interested on your services

I acquired your e-mail address from a website for home based businesses and network marketing. I am writing this e-mail to you for the purpose of asking for your collaboration and participation in creating a vast central networking community website world wide. The purpose of this service would be to offer all encompassing assistance programs for everything from lead pools to mentoring.

Please be so kind as to send me the basics with regard to your scope of activities (i.e. web site) together with your contact information (i.e. e-mail and telephone number).

Thank you in advance for your time, interest and collaborations.


Carl L. Heegaard

By Carl Heegaard on Mon 26-Jun-2006 03:31 PM

Answer: I'm gracious that you have actually considered me to participate in your service. Please feel palliative contacting me through my e-mail any time you want.

Well, networking communities are remarkably growing these days. They are becoming very profitable businesses. The most important thing is putting your utmost effort, innovation and expertise on the website you are creating. I go for the idea of your website because you offer a vast array of services, as apparent from what you said. It is very essential, however, to make sure that this diversity would not overwhelm you or reduce your service quality. You have to be fully aware of the demanding nature of such a website.

Networking community websites would need you to sustain your website as interactive as possible, through chatting, e-mailing, blogging, forums, voice calls if necessary...etc.

Starting a website would need expertise in web design, just fundamental knowledge of how to use host websites that provide domains, either for free or at a certain price. In order to make the most profit out of your website you would need to get ads on your website through AdSense for instance. Furthermore, you will need to augment the popularity of your website. I can provide you with walk-through steps on how to initiate your website. I can also provide you with topic-based articles that your website would need. Moreover, I am apt to offer you information about how to increase the popularity and profitability of your website.

I appreciate your zeal and am sure that you would reach high horizons of success.

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  • i am very much interested to start a new business. And send or give me new home based business ideas.
  • I am Electronic Engineer Mahendra Suthar 25year old from India i would like to start a home business with you if you will give me a chance to do some work .
  • I m doing a job in Electronic industry But i want to do something more.....
  • hi, recently a frend of mine suggested for apart time job, however i tried to search for such organisations, however i could not find the good one, rather i could find that all cheat by taking registration amount and no work and completely lost. is there any such organisations who provide genuine work . if there are then plz plz update me, my friend also doing work it but he get nothing
  • How do I know that the company offering home based work is not a fraud and why does a company ask for a deposit or registration fee,is it necessary to give them that in order to get the job? How do I know it is not a fraud company?
  • i am interested in cooking.I have done bakery classes too but ho can i make use of it?
  • I would like to work by doing home based content writing/transcription (not medical)/editing work by sitting at home. I have got my own computer with internet connection. If you can provide me information regarding any sites that are providing such work free of charge, then please contact me to my email address. Also I would like to know if there are any training instates/university giving training in content writing.
  • How to start a company? Which type business is best? I have some idle time to do the investment, wher can I get highest return on my investmtn? Is it there in electronics & communication?


Starting an online home-based business is not abstruse like some people might predict, even if you do not have any expertise to start up the business. As apparent from your query title Electronics and Communications you have expertise in electronics and communication. Moreover, you have to invest and a PC with an internet connection. It couldn't be better or more facilitated for you to start a profitable, decent online business. There are diverse types of businesses with different levels of complexity and so different levels of profit. Given that you have expertise in the field of electronics and communication then you would certainly find very good-paying jobs that would employ your full potential and capabilities.

First of all, you have to find a freelance website where there are job offers for people seeking to initiate their online career just like yourself. Apply or bid for the jobs you feel you can undertake efficiently. Initially you might be underemployed and you might be obliged to accept low payments. However, this won't last for long, so NEVER get desperate and just pursue your online jobs until you have a good reputation that would compel service buyers to hire you at the pay you desire.

You can as well start your personal website. Websites can generate ample sales as well. Applications such as AdSense have made it quicker and easier for website creators to get right advertisers. Mystery shopping is also another job that you might want to try.

Explore all options to see what satisfies you the most =).

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