Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Like any other developing city there is a wide variety of home based business options here. From photography to tuitions and from online computer jobs to catering you can have your pick from any.

Some home based business and jobs which you can do in Bhopal is listed below:

Catering or Personal Chef: If you are a good cook or a good organizer you can consider starting your own chef business. As catering is needed for many an occasion, you will always find yourself busy. Provide specialized services like low-carb or vegetarian menus and set yourself apart from other competitors. Once you become famous you will be loaded with orders.

Photography: If you are familiar with the working of a camera you can start your own photography studio at home. When you start this business try to give offers which draw customers to you. Once you do the job well, your fame may spread by word of mouth. You may even bag a few contracts of marriage or birthday parties.

Coaching Center: If you are specialized in a subject you can start tutoring students. This is one of the best home based businesses as it requires no investment. If you can teach well more and more students will flock to you for work.

Driver's Training School: If you know riding you should buy a second hand car and start a driver's training school.

Child-Care Services: Your expertise in handling children can be transformed into one of the most popular home-based business opportunities. You can start a crèche or even a beginner's course for kids to familiarize them with school life.

In Bhopal you can also have home based computer businesses:

Web Design: If you are a good website designer you can turn your skills into home-based business. As a designer you can get jobs or projects online. Web designers tend to be well-compensated for their efforts.

Desktop Publishing: If you are good at creating brochures and newsletters and are have a little experience you can start your own desktop publishing services.

Other home based computer jobs in Bhopal include data entry, content writing, online form filling, typing, etc.

Skills needed for succeeding are field specific. If you wish to be a tutor or a caterer you must be a expert in the field. You must also have a lot of patience and should be willing to persevere. As ups and downs are a part of home based business you must not loose hope.

Advantages of Home based Business in Madhya Pradesh
The biggest advantage of a home based business is personal freedom. Secondly you become a master of your own actions. You also are not accountable to anybody.

Things You Need To Take Care For Legitimate Home Based Business
The only disadvantage of home based business is that you don't have a fixed source of income. Secondly you will also have to put up with stiff competition. You will always have to be on your toes to keep yourself afloat.

Home Based Jobs Scope in Bhopal
As Bhopal is slowly turning into a metropolitan city, home based business can provide you with fantastic means to sustain yourself.

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  • By R G on October 13, 2010, 3:58 pm R G Sir , I have recently passed my polytechnic 3yrs diploma in computer science & engg with 71.05% from RJPV university.
    Now I m searching a job in Bhopal(m.p.) .
    I waiting for ur reply as soon as posible...
  • By sudipta sarkar on March 12, 2011, 12:10 pm I am a housewife and a mother of one yr old baby.I am a postgraduate in biochemistry.I am looking for a home based freelance medical writing jobs .Currently I residing at Bhopal.I have good writing and teaching skill regarding life science;but can not do tuitions due to certain personal reason.therefore looking for a home based medical writing job.

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