Question: Hi,
Greetings!!! I am thinking to start a new business in and around Bangalore. Could you please give some ideas which would be better where we can think in those lines, I am really ager to start a business in Bangalore
Appreciate your response. Thanks,

By Rao on Fri 25-Apr-2008 01:22 AM

Answer: Hi Rao, you need to set first what is of your most interest, skills and enjoyment. Taylor your planning to that direction. It is not a good idea to follow or listen to others to start your own business. Listen to your inner call for business, the type of business it is saying, respond to it and attend your inner call.

Firstly think about the business, the operation method, the target customer, their location, your business unique features, your capacity and demand meeting skill. You need to decide every aspect to do a proper planning. Share your ideas to your friends and families only, welcome them to do some very critical criticizing to your plan, answer to all the questions.

If you can answer, well your brain is freezed for the business. Then just start from doing all legal paper works, choosing right place, right time and so on. See you are on run, now. Compare your performance with the activity and performance schedule you made during your planning. Are they matching each other? If yes, scrap the target schedule to set in triple higher standard and now run to achieve this. Good luck Rao!


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