Vacation time is indeed fun time for every school and college goers. What matters the most is to spend time fruitfully. Spending time fruitfully makes sense only when a teenager is able to work and use their time productively. There are plenty of ways to work and make best use of spare time when you are vacationing.

The best thing about vacation jobs is that you get plenty of options. Festive seasons in India during October and Christmas and New Year is the best time to have some good part time jobs. During this time of the year mall promotions take place with full force. This is when teenagers can get about doing something for working to utilize their spare time.

Though the process is of short duration it gives you work of atleast 4-5 hours a day. For a student this is always very good opportunities. You need to work for 8 hours or so per day. If you work for more hours you its good, which usually is double the per hour rate. All you have to do is chip in with your best performance. This will ensure you work every time with that particular shop or outlet, every time you are vacationing. It may even push up your rates.

Summer Vacation Jobs for Students

During summer vacations exhibitions, displays and annual shows are arranged in most Indian cities. These events offer great work experience. At exhibitions and corporate shows, the job assigned to teenagers is usually demonstrating products, registrations or even welcoming guests. The work you get greatly depends on the popularity of the event. If it is an annual event of great importance you can get anything between Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 per day. Other events, too offer a decent opportunities on a daily basis.

Popular hangouts like restaurants and cafes are busy during vacation time. They are flooded with customers. To manage the rush these places require more work force. They give work to temporary workers well. And don't ever think these are cheap places. It includes branded names like the Barista's, Mc Donald's, and KFC which look for educated and sophisticated work force. So teenagers on vacation will be their first choice.

NGO's or Organizations like Greenpeace always welcome school and college goers with open arms. This is because they are hard working and can be motivated to do a work with great passion. It is for the same reason that companies doing a promotional event or theme parks only look for teenagers.

So the available options for vacation jobs in India are plenty.

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Vacation Jobs in India: Summer Vacation Jobs for Students

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