Summer is a great time for youngsters to get all types of jobs in Delhi. This is the time of the year when business is at its peak. As students have holidays for a couple of months or so, they are sought after by companies and business establishments for part time jobs.

Delhi hosts various exhibitions and fairs in the height of summer. As young boys and girls are most sought after as hosts at these events, boys and girls can find lots of part time openings.

All that is required to get these jobs is a pleasant personality and good communication skills. One also needs to have good computer skills. Students are sought for these positions because of their sociable nature and agility.

Summer Jobs in Delhi for Graduates and Undergraduates

  • Delhi’s population is mostly upper middle class. They have a propensity to buy. So, bulk of part time summer jobs in Delhi is that of door to door sales.
  • Even these jobs recruit young college graduates to carry out sales. Companies which do brisk business in summer primarily recruit youngsters in large numbers.
  • Air conditioning companies, refrigeration companies, inverter firms, drink manufacturers etc hire both graduates and undergraduates in summer.
  • As part of marketing strategies, several companies conduct surveys and door to door interviews. These companies choose the summer season for carrying out survey’s because it is vacation time and students are available for part time jobs.
  • Another job on offer during summer is that of behind the counter sales. Restaurants and food outlets that witness huge rush during summer usually recruit candidates for this position.
  • Other summer jobs in Delhi for undergraduates are event coordination and backstage. Another growing job is that of baby sitting.
  • Summer jobs for graduates are available in the IT sector in Delhi. The customer service sector offers most number of job openings. This is followed by web design companies where graduates are hired to work on contractual projects.
  • Graduates in the field of arts can even find openings in schools which run special summer camps during summer.
  • Summer jobs can also be found in the booming real estate sector where candidates are hired as sales representative of real estate firms.

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  • By Devanshu sharma on June 8, 2011, 11:26 pm I am a student studying at LINGAYA'S UNIVERSITY, FARIDABAD.I have completed my 2nd year and looking for a job like carrying out survey's for a company or any such sort of job paying good salary.I have a good command on english and can give you assurance of my eligibility for such a job.I am currently living in East Delhi.

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Summer Jobs in Delhi 2011: Jobs for Students and Undergraduates

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