In last few years, Indian economy has witnessed a huge change. A large number of retail stores, malls, factories and large and small scale industries have come up in major Indian cities. All these sectors require both skilled and semi skilled workers to run their day to day activities.

When it comes to the semi-skilled workers class 10 failed boys fit their requirements very well. Their ability to read and write and some basic knowledge of math make them suitable for certain type of jobs.

Jobs for 10th Fail in India

Courier jobs: Courier companies in India require delivery boys. Class 10 fail boys and girls can do this job well. All they need to know is read the address properly and get documents signed at the right place after delivery is made.

Service Boys: Large corporate houses require service boys to deliver coupons or hand out receipts to employees. For this job ability to read and write is enough. Class 10 fail students are capable of doing this job.

Hotel/Restaurant Waiters: Many small restaurants and hotels require boys who can read out the menu to customers as well as take the order in writing. Class 10 fail boys can do this job with ease. Other hotel jobs for class 10 fail boys are job of a runner, luggage carrying jobs, parking jobs, supervising the work of a gardener etc.

Retail Store Jobs: Retail stores require staff to arrange products, keep a count of them, and guide customers to the right section. Class 10 fail boys are recruited for these jobs.

Other Jobs for 10th Fail:

  • Other jobs open for class 10 failed students are garage jobs, carpentry jobs, or even pottery jobs. All these jobs can help a boy or girl hone his technical skills. For instance he start his jobs in a garage by learning more about the mechanical parts. Slowly he gets acquainted with its functioning.
  • Once he learns the technical aspect well, he can become a uncertified technician. Such technicians are in demand in both rural and urban India. Likewise carpentry jobs can help shape himself as a carpenter. Carpenters recruit them as helpers and teach them the finer aspects of the job.
  • Other small jobs which a girl can pick up in particular are that of a cook's helper in a wayside hotel or that of an attendant. All these jobs have a humble beginning but slowly you can transform yourself into an expert and be self dependent.

Other openings available for class 10 fail boys include petrol pump jobs, cinema hall jobs, garage jobs etc.

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  • By srilatha on May 24, 2010, 2:04 am Hi, this is Srilatha. I am a student. I know the Telugu,[Hindi, English] languages. I completed my 9th in 2006. I have a one [science] back lock in my 10th now. I amworking in AHA [Air hostess academy pvt ltd]. As a supporting staff cum tele caller and I can handle front office also. Now I am looking for computer operater or front office executive job.I amstaying at Golnaka,Amberpet,Hyderabad.
  • By SANDEEP JHARIYA on May 26, 2010, 8:31 pm Hello Sir, I am Sandeep from delhi. I have studied upto 10th class. But I have a very good knowledge of computer hardware and software. I am searching for simple and genuine data entry work from home. please mail me.
  • By Pradeep Mohan Magdum on June 30, 2010, 1:54 am I am Pradeep Magdum.I have studied 9th standard.My age is 21 years.I am seeking for a job in Pune. Please give me any reference for the same. I have interest in doing job like courier job,service boys,retail store job.I am doing nothing now.But I can read & write devnagari script only.My English reading is week but can write well.So please help me.
  • By Md.Ishaq on November 7, 2010, 1:12 am Hello, I am Md.Ishaq. I know the Telugu,Hindi languages. I failed SSC in the year 2009 & I'm working as a mobile technician. Now I'm looking for a job as a computer operator or mobile technician & I stay in visakhapatnam.
  • By murthy on November 17, 2010, 5:20 am Hello,. I failed SSC in the year 2009 but I have knowledge of computer hardware & software and mobile mechanism. I am searching for a good job so please help my to find the good job in Hyderabad & Vizag
  • By NIKHIL on November 29, 2010, 2:33 am Hello Sir, I am NIKHIL from Delhi. I have studied up to 10th class. But I have knowledge of computer hardware and software. I am searching for simple data entry work from home. please mail me. I have interest in doing job like courier job,service boys,retail store job.

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