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Question: Hello, my name is vinay kumar I want to start typing job from home what other types of types of typing jobs are available in the market, please contact me at 9873702509.

By vinay kumar on Thu 22-May-2008 12:37 PM

Answer: You want a home-based typing job, why are you waiting then? The internet abounds with data entry jobs. Having a computer and an internet connection is adequate to connect you to this gigantic virtual world with all its opportunities. Data entry jobs are not exclusive for candidates with special skills or qualifications. Being apt to type at a relatively good speed, merely, makes you eligible for a data entry job. However, you have to be very punctual and committed to your work, in order to procure more work and consequently work from home.

Data entry tasks are not intricate or demanding by any means, the task is relatively easy, and does not require much efforts. You ought to do as many tasks as you can in order to accumulate satisfactory results. To acquire a data entry job you have to find a freelancing website that provides diversified online jobs and projects. Afterwards, you will have to sign up for this website and start checking the jobs available to see the suitable data entry job or typing job for you. When you locate the suitable job(s) you should propose or apply for it.

But I want to denote something for you, if you possess any skills or qualifications you can also acquire jobs in other categories; for instance if you have a very good writing skill you can apply for writing jobs. Remember the more sophisticated and demanding the job is, the higher your service would be charged. Data entry jobs, however, are ideal for anybody and are a very good start to become familiar with the online career world.

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  • By PRARTHANA on August 5, 2011, 1:52 am Hi.. I am from Navi Mumbai. I normally have 3-4 hrs free time after my job. I am interested in form filling / data entry job to be done from home. My typing speed is around 40-45 W/min. Kindly send details to my above email id. Thanks.
  • By Venkat on September 29, 2011, 7:36 am Hello sir,I am really Interested to do the data entry jobs working from home in Hyderabad without investment.I am from Hyderabad.I have good experience in data entry job.
    Please sent me details sir.

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