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Question: Hi.. this is swaroop i have 4 years of work experience in the field of marketing, i like to start own business, like medical transcription or bpo or back office work. please help me. thank you.

By P. Shanti Swaroop on Sat 13-Jun-2009 09:28 PM

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Your Country: India

Answer: Hi Shanti,

Good to know your sprit that you want to start your business in Hyderabad, well as you have written you want to start something in medical transcription or BPO.

I can say BPO would be better to start compared to medical transcription, finding both would be equally difficult, but growth of opportunities is high in BPO sector.

To get started in BPO, if you have any contacts in developed country you can ask them, if they can provide your reference to company who is looking to outsources their process to India.

As you are already in marketing field, you would know it how to market your business. I can give you 1 suggestion is that always try to target UK, US audience, as you would grow faster.

You can also read general guidance on starting business in India

Let me know if you have any more queries.

Question from User:

Question: Sir, I am a postgraduate candidate in HRM. And I stay in Hydrabad; I have done my Medical Transcription. I have around 1 year of experience in Medical Transcription. I would like to start medical transcription work from Home. Your response is solicited.

With regards

By RAJAMANICKAM YESUPADAM on Wed 28-May-2008 07:11 AM

Answer: What is halting and postponing you from pursuing your home-based medical transcription job? You possess every factor of success in this job. Your 1-year experience and your HRM degree are just adequate to find a suitable online job. The advent of new technologies and hasty communications has increased the opportunities and job vacancies regardless of how remote you dwell or your time zone. Outsourcing is an epitome of such increasing opportunities. Some very big, reputable medical institutions choose to outsource their medical transcriptions services.

Hence you can find very profitable jobs with one of these institutions. If you prove commitment and efficiency the institution might hire you for long term tasks. However, the competition is becoming too fierce on both the enterprise level and the employment level. Hence you should be very well-prepared to standout amidst the crowds of candidates. To prepare yourself you ought to familiarize yourself with the American medical terms and transcription methods so that you would be more eligible for jobs in big American firms.

Freelancing websites abound on the internet. On these websites you will find a galore of jobs that you can apply for. Initially you might not get work as much as you aspire. However, when your reputability increases along with your experience your demand and goodwill also increase, so just be patient, committed and robust in order to procure more lucrative opportunities.

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  • By mahesh on November 21, 2009, 1:17 am Hi.. this is mahesh i have 2 years of work experience in the field of marketing, i like to start own business in Hyderabad, I am interested in starting bpo or back office work. can you tell me who to contact, and what is the process please help me. thank you.
  • By shankar on December 9, 2009, 11:20 am hi,
    this is shankar . i'm an engi graduate and worked as SW engi for 2 yrs. now settled back in my native . i want to start some BPO or transcription services business in hyderabad. kindly help me out

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