Aachen is a historical town that is found in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The town with a population of around 246,000 has many names. In French, it is called Aix-la-Chapelle or Aquis Gran while in Dutch it is known as Aken.

The town has served as the favorite seat of Charlemagne. It also has the reputation of being the place where most of the German kings were crowned.

The geographical location of the town is very interesting. It is located at the point that borders both Belgium and Netherlands.

Part Time and Full Time Jobs in Aachen, Germany

With all its vibrancy, Aachen is a preferred location for job hunters. Apart from its traditional industries, the town offers rich resources for bagging part time and full time jobs in sectors as varied as information technology, aviation, engineering, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, legal, customer service, retail, hospitality and academic. Popular jobs in Aachen Germany are offered with following job-titles:

  • Senior Software Developer
  • Patent Attorney / Trainee
  • Customer Service Planner
  • Market Intelligence Analyst
  • Supply Network Operations
  • International Health Economics Manager
  • Senior Process Engineer
  • Marketing and Sales Executive

Apart from these, the town of Aachen is known to offer wide range of academic jobs. It is home to historical RWTH Aachen University. This academic institution is included among the Universities of Excellence in the country. The university has also helped in the establishment of numerous computer and software industries. These altogether offer wide range of prospective job options to aspirants.

English Speaking Jobs in Aachen

Though the number of English speaking jobs in Aachen is very limited, people with English background can also explore lucrative job options in the town. English speaking jobs are mainly offered by telemarketing firms and certain academic institutions.

Besides all these, the trend to accept part time jobs in Aachen is also growing very fast.

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Jobs in Aachen, Germany: Part Time and English Speaking Jobs in Aachen

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