Many people want to stay at home and start some home based job on their own. They are well motivated and self trained and gain the confidence to do so. Home Based Jobs is a huge challenge to them and also to the people whom they going to recruit. The income from a home business might not be great but it’s a good initiative to start. There are few ways you can start your business and explore your talents.

If you are good at painting and designing, then use your talents to make good painting and designing in your house and display them. Call your friends for a small exhibition where you exhibit all your work. You can start charging people for the efforts you have made. May be you would want to teach in your locality. Propose to your friends about the idea of taking classes to children or adults.

Have a plan that best describes your objective and explain all the queries that they have. Also work on a flexible plan so that even many adults like home makers can join your classes at the time that best suits them. Innovate ideas like provide them with the painting material and charge them for the complete program. This will help you in making a good agreement with the shop owner who sells paints. Fix rates for each painting according to the work that you teach.

Ideas to make this more useful:
  • Do a lot of research in getting different ideas to teach in your classes
  • Buy paint and pre cut sheets and stationery items to design
  • Have a program structure to tell your students
  • Collect lot of samples of work that you have and exhibit to them
  • Have a lot of tools like brushes, sponge ready for action
  • Spread the word by advertising in newspapers, schools and shops about your classes
  • Give your business card to your friends to circulate them and make a bigger network
  • Make your own work space
  • Employ assistants if need be
  • Specialize in one area of your work

The success of a business lies in its advertising. Blogging about your own business is also one of the ways you can advertise your service. The reason why blogs are popular is that they are inexpensive. Also there are no set rules what to blog and what not to blog. They can be used as an effective feedback note and also to build your customer base. You can keep a track of how many people read your blog and how many contacted you for work.

Also linking your blog with the search engines will get your website ranked in the first few pages of the searches that the users do. The users can read your blogs and can contact you by giving feedback there or email you inquiring about your work. Alternatively you can also link your website if you have with your blog that will take the user directly to your page. These are simple ideas for your Home Based Jobs.

Question : hello,

I am looking for free home based jobs. I can 2-3hours daily for this work. Can provide me such jobs.
Pls reply.
Thanking u,

By Rajrashmi Bhuyan on Thu 27-Mar-2008 08:23 PM

Answer: Dear Rajrashmi,
Jobs for home based can be suitable for everyone. As part timer or as a full timer you can find what is suitable for you. Being free for 2 to 3 hours a day make you eligible for many categories . you can enroll in a data entry job because this type of jobs make you decide by yourself how long would you like to work per day and accordingly the amount of work that you accept.

Another category that can suits you also, is replying to office correspondences and emails. When handling this kind of jobs you will be able to decide when to sit to your computer and start replying. if you can fix a specific period of the day that you can keep free for your home based job , you will be qualified for another categories like : virtual assistance in which you can assist someone in doing clerical works from your own home . home based employment is very popular now and growing enormously on the world wide web , you just have to find your own job where you fit.

Question: Hi,
I really need you r help,because I am tired of doing conventional jobs. I ha te to have any boss.I want to do any business or work, which I can do with my own convenience,so that I can look after my family as well and also can do a handsome job. I am staying in India.

Thanks & regards,

By ANINDITA SEN on Mon 12-May-2008 06:27 PM

Answer: I can under stand what you are talking about. I can see that you are fed up with your regular nine to five daily job that exhausts you for the rest of the day and you can not find a time to spend with your family. Not to mention your boss who probably put a lot of pressure on you.

I can understand your concern for ditching such a job and find your self a job that allows you to stay with your family all the time and in the same time it is a full time job. It is not a raddle and it is not to open a nursery school but it is the home based jobs.

Yes, now you can do your job from home, that will keep your bank balance in an always positive balance. From the many kinds of online work from home jobs, you can choose a simple one that suits your requirements and are genuine and legitimate. Your first choice is the data entry job which only requires a computer, a connection to the inter net and a basic typing skills and you are good to go.

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  • By dhivya on October 29, 2009, 12:11 am hi
    i am dhivya. i am a home maker, i completed by B.E ( EEE) in 2004. hy husband is a docor(orthodontist) .i have a boy who is 1 yr 8 months old. myself along with 2 of my relatives who are in the same condition (having small babies ) want to start a small scale business. we all belong to chennai (t.Nagar- same area).we have many ideas like starting a pre school, beauty parlel,marrige matching center, taking tutions for kids,tailoring, garments shop , etc .we need guidence in what to start,which will be easy to do and more profitable ,tips.we cant invest more amount . we have good marketing skill also but in our families they wont allow us to go out . we cant move out others house and do things. please guide us
  • By harendra singh on December 11, 2009, 9:19 am I am fresh engg.(ece), I have done my engineering from goverment recognized university, I want to do something at home, as I am planning to do further study, i can typing or writing jobs till 3-4 hours.
  • By Hema on June 16, 2010, 10:00 am Hi, I am Hemalatha residing in Chennai ,completed my B.B.M. I am interested in working from home especially like data entry jobs and jobs related to accounts ,home tutions. So if u can provide me any work without any investment send me a mail. and Get your work done with perfection and satisfaction.
  • By Mrs Deepti Sethi on January 29, 2011, 2:30 am
    My name is Deepti.
    My husband is businessman. I have a small baby at home, that's why I am not able to work anywhere.
    So I have decided to do home based work.
    My typing speed is 40w.p.m.
    Pls guide me how can I start this work?
  • By ritu on February 1, 2011, 1:15 pm I am housewife with good command over written and verbal English. Moreover I have got access to Internet at home with good typing speed. Please suggest some genuine data entry job or any online based job without any signing fees, as I am already disappointed with lots of other websites most of which are scams and make false promises. Kindly give me a start.

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