Bosch is a Bangalore-based multinational company that supplies technology and services. It has carved out a niche of its own in the industry it deals in. The company launched its manufacturing operations in the year 1953 and since then, it has registered steady growth.

The company now boasts of 14 manufacturing destinations and 3 development centers in India.During its operational years in India, Botch has not only witnessed many-sided developments in the country but also it has been actively contributed to those developments.

The company enjoys the distinction of being largest automotive supplier in India. The status is frequently consolidated by various awards and recognitions that the company bags for its famed vocational trainings.

Bosch India Careers 2010-2011
Bosch has shaped itself into a potential employer over the years. It employs a total of more than 18,030 professionals in its various industrial segments in India. Bagging employment opportunities at this firm has been a dream for people who have high professional targets to achieve.

Large options of careers and jobs in Bosch Bangalore are on offer for skilled and qualified professionals belonging to various technological fields. Some of the popular job titles offered by the company include:

  • Embedded Filesystem Developers
  • Embedded Software Developers
  • ClearCase or DOORS Administrators
  • Mechanical Design Engineers
  • Electrical Design Engineers
  • Graphic Software Developers
  • SAP Functional Consultants
  • Web Application Developers
  • ClearCase Experts
  • Oracle DBA

How to Apply for Jobs at Bosch Bangalore and Coimbatore?
The process of searching and applying for jobs in Bosch Bangalore has been made a convenient affair by company. The official website ( of the company has a very dedicated career page which provides step-by-step instructions and leads you through the job that you are destined for.

The website also informs you about all jobs in Bosch Coimbatore, as well. All you need to do is to register at the website and create your own profile with the help of the application wizard. This profile would help you apply online for various positions in the company.

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User Comments

  • By NARESH.T.P. on November 26, 2010, 7:07 am I am Diploma holder in mechanical Engineering having 6 years Experience in CNC field. Now I am working in Pranita engineering Solutions in Bangalore as a Supervisor.The company specializes in the manufacture of detailed parts and sub assemblies for various aircrafts.
    If you have any vacancies let me know.
    Regards ,
  • By Veena BN on January 5, 2011, 5:32 am I am diploma holder in Electronics & Communication Engineering with 3 years experience. worked in power stations,now working as sales team supportive in MNC.

    If any openings is their please let me know.

  • By DURAIMURUGAN.R on May 28, 2011, 2:32 am This is Dduraimurugan from Tamilnadu and i have finished electronics in 2003. i have experiences in some electronic industry embedded ,hardware ,others
    , now i would like to apply for system admin/front office. pls response

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Jobs in Bosch Bangalore and Coimbatore: Bosch India Careers 2010-2011

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