Dubai is the most prosperous city in the Middle East. The oil industry has spawned contributed immensely to the stupendous growth of the city. All types of businesses have met with great success in the city. From hotels to real estate and from health care to entertainment you can find all types of big business in ample. And small businesses can be found in multitudes. All these establishments offer excellent accounting jobs in Dubai. In fact the demand for accountants is so high, that they have to be imported from third world countries.

The best opportunity as an accountant lies in the oil industry. There are hundreds of onshore oil companies in Dubai. These companies recruit highly experienced accountants at various positions. Working with these companies can not only be rewarding but also very prestigious.

A job in a Dubai based oil company can be the ultimate in any accountant’s career. Most of these companies advertise for jobs in newspapers both inland and abroad. Vacancy for positions is also announced in company websites.

How to Find Accounting Jobs in Dubai?

  • A public accountant is highly sought after in Dubai. As a public accountant you may have a wide range of opportunities. This is because public accountants are in demand across all sectors.
  • As a public accountant one has to deal with personal bookkeeping, managing account services, and analyzing finances for the clients.
  • A public accountant with sufficient experience can find openings in the top most sectors in the city. Independent practice can also be very rewarding.
  • Management accountants work in the management level of businesses. At the top level they are assigned with the task of planning the budget finances of the company.
  • Another important responsibility for management accountants is cost management and performance evaluation. Internal auditing accountants are also in demand. Their task is to review the financial records of the company.
  • Companies rely on internal auditors for budget efficiency, and for maintaining compliance with company laws.
  • In order to find accounting jobs, you must maintain an account with job portals and have Dubai as a preferred location.
  • Newspapers also carry ads for accountant position openings in Dubai. Apart from full time jobs, you can also find plenty of part time accounting jobs in Dubai free zone.
Question from User

Question: Please send reliable anti scam sites to search online partime computer jobs.


Your City: Dubai
Your Country: United Arab Emirates

By Sreebala on Sat 24-May-2008 11:46 AM

Answer: Internet has become a medium where a lot of evils are sheltered; stealing, manipulation, theft, hacking and piracy. It is good that you pay attention to the authenticity of the websites you deal with. However, there are way more authentic, reliable freelance websites than bad websites. So you ought not to be too wary. Usually popular websites are authentic and anti-scam. So when you search for a freelance website through a search engine, most popular searches are usually reliable and you can safely deal with. You can usually ask users of the website to assure yourself.

If you are not yet assured about a website, it is a good idea to start undertaking a small job that will not consume a lot of your time on that website and test its authenticity yourself. If you receive the payment promptly then go for that website and bid for jobs that are compatible with your skills and qualifications.

There are numerous jobs that vary in prices. The more expertise and qualifications you possess the more you are likely to get complex, highly salaried jobs. However, if you are just a newbie with no specific field of expertise, you can still find a job. Data entry is an example. Use search engines to find freelancing websites and then see jobs that are related to data entry, if you are an inexperienced user.

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