Question: Please let met know about the type of job as I am a computer operator and can do simple typing, which are free also.

By Bhimkaran on Sun 11-May-2008 10:22 PM

Answer: Being a computer operator means that you have a fair idea about dealing with computer and that gives you a good advantage in finding an online job that suits you. Also as you said you have good typing skills that makes you able to do simple typing jobs.

I think that the most suitable job for a person with your qualifications is the data entry job, either online or offline. The both types of data entry requires only from you a fair typing skills with an eye for the details, but the most important thing that you really need is to be patient and not to be from the kind of person who get bored quickly from doing a repetitive job for a long time.

What you have to do to get such a job is a bunch of very simple steps that sure will get you a nice job. What you need to do first is to know how many hours you intend to work daily to determine either you are going for a full time or a part time job. After you determine the working hours then you should do a simple internet search for the companies which need data entry workers to work on freelance basis and to make it much easier for you you could register yourself with a web site dealing with data entry jobs recruitment and this site will make it very easy for you to find the suitable job.

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