Work from home in Noida helps you work even at your leisure hours. Work from home in Noida include jobs like data entry, data conversion, transcription, customer service, writing, SEO, web designing and a host of other jobs. These jobs can be done on either part time or full time basis.

There are plenty of part time jobs available for those students willing to work from home in Noida. The types of jobs on offer are so varied that you will get your desired work easily if you know how to get.

Part Time Medical Transcription Jobs in Noida

A very popular home based job in Noida is typing. Data entry and conversion are some of the best and easiest typing jobs. They don't require any particular skill other than typing speed. There are some typing jobs which require a particular set of skills.

These include medical transcription and legal transcription. For the kind of jobs you need to be aware of the terminology. IT companies in Noida have plenty of work in hand and are looking for able candidates who can do the jobs from home.

Content Writing and Copywriting Jobs in Noida

Writing is the best and most popular work at home job. As website content is booming many people find this writing suitable to their taste. As the range of industries covered is large writing opens up many avenues to get jobs from home. Other kinds of writing which can help you jobs from home are story writing, advertising writing and resume writings positions.

Part-Time Customer Service and BPO Jobs from Home in Noida

Part Time BPO Jobs are very good jobs opportunities. This job is conducted and completed over the telephone. This home based work basically requires you to answer incoming or inbound calls from people. You can do this job without quite affecting your household work. Thus you work while discharging your domestic responsibility.

This kind of job is ideally suited for housewives and retired people. All that you require to succeed is ability to talk convincingly. BPO or Customer service also includes work of 24x7 technical support on phone line.

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There are many other types of home based work available in Noida.

What Is MT?

Medical transcription (MT) is a detailed procedure in which medical records like patient history, consultation notes, pathology reports and lab reports - dictated by doctors and other medical professionals are transcribed from audio to text format. The job of a medical transcriptionist is to change the audio version into a written form which is accurate and consistent, store it into computers and finally transfer it as a completed file to the concerned clinic.

Qualifications You Need

In order to become a good medical transcriptonists one needs to have the following attributes:

  • Good command over English
  • Good listening skills
  • Must have the ability to understand different accents and diction
  • Must be familiar with medical jargon
  • Must have the eye to deduct medical inconsistencies in dictation
  • Good typing skills
  • Must be able to work long hours
  • Good concentration over long periods of time

If you have all these qualities then you are cut out for medical transcription. Some qualities like typing speed and understanding the accent completely can come only with time.

Training and Careers

There are some MT schools in Noida which offer short term certificate courses in transcription. However it is wise to get yourself inducted into In-house training programmes provided by medical transcription firms that hire fresher.
The course modules usually cover the following subjects:

  • A detailed course on grammar
  • Chapter on medical terms
  • Chapter introducing you to human anatomy
  • American English and how to decipher the accent


Medical transcription work from home is always a good job to be taken up as an independent profession. You need to find a traditional employer who offers you all the benefits of working in-house. You can get an opportunity like this if you have worked for an employer in an office already and are in his good books. You can also advertise to get more clients.
When you wish to do home based work and is in hunt for clients remember it will take some time getting clients. You can find clients for your home based medical transcription work through the internet. With good work you can make a favorable impression for yourself.

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