The growth of India’s economy has seen the business sector expand rapidly. With the opening up more new business taxation jobs are on the rise in India. There are direct jobs in the field of taxation. Available position includes that of tax consultants, valuer, and certifying authority.

If you wish to work in taxation jobs you need to be specialized in the filed of taxation. If you wish join government tax jobs you may have to appear for exams. If you clear the exams you may get the job of a tax officer.

As a tax officer you need to look into the tax to be imposed on companies.The calculation is based on the turnover of the company. Taxation jobs in Mumbai primarily begin with jobs in sales tax office which falls within the ambit of the state government.

How to Get Taxation Jobs in Mumbai and Pune?

To get into taxation jobs you need to have the following:

Complete knowledge of the subject: Fundamental knowledge of taxation is essential. The person must acquaint himself with assessment and appeal procedures. Once into this job you need to update yourself with changes in tax laws. The changes in taxation law take place every year and sometimes in course of the year. Those in taxation jobs must keep themselves abreast of these changes.

A tax consultant mus update knowledge: It is very essential in every field, but in taxation field it will be must, because the changes in tax provisions are usual. The person in taxation field should aware of the latest updated provisions. Otherwise, their work will be in deep trouble, also will make financial impact on their clients or employer. A taxation specialist must know how to plan tax properly. He must plan it in a manner so that he is able to enable the businessman save money on tax.

Nowadays there is huge opening for US and Indirect taxation jobs in Pune, Nasik, Thane and Nagpur as well.

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  • By Arina Ghosh on May 16, 2011, 10:17 am Currently I am not working.. I have appeared for mcom-2 in accountancy this year and waiting for results. I have experience in back office of about 8 months. I am looking for a job in taxation, accountancy or costing job. I stay at Ambernath, Maharashtra.

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Taxation Jobs in Mumbai: US and Indirect Taxation Jobs in Pune

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