Bhubaneswar has grown into a major industrial hub of the country. Today unprecedented economic growth has made it one of the busiest cities in eastern India. All this has opened up excellent job opportunities in the city. Much of the change in the employment scenario has come about after the arrival of the IT sector in the city.

The phenomenal growth coupled by the advent of major IT companies has also opened up chances of part time employment in the city.

Part Time Home Based Jobs in Bhubaneswar
Part time jobs in Bhubaneswar can help the independent minded have a fairly independent career. Most of these jobs are best suited for students. They can engage themselves doing these in their leisure hours and earn something while pursuing their future studies. Many of these part time jobs are also home based. Some such part time jobs available in Bhubaneswar are:

  • Data Entry Jobs: Data entry involves researching of data, processing of data, data mining, data capture and finally management of the data provided by the clients. This is one of the major works outsourced to India. Bhubaneswar is an important city which finds bulk of these jobs. There is dearth of quality work force available in the city compared to huge inflow of data entry work. So companies are badly in need of English speaking computer savvy youths. These companies recruit part time workers to get the job done on time. So if you are residing in Bhubaneswar, data entry job is an excellent part time job you can look forward to.
  • Part Time Accounting Jobs: As there are several small and large business houses and companies in the city there is always a need of accountants. Part time accountants meet these requirements perfectly. If you are a student of commerce you can pick up such part time jobs. Accounting firms also offer part time openings for students.
  • Part Time Lecturer: If you have specialization in a particular subject you can take up the job of a part time lecturer in one of the many government and private colleges in the city. These jobs can help you earn well.
  • Medical Transcription: This is another part time IT job which you can also do from the comforts of your home. You earn on the basis of documents you complete transcribing.
  • Content Writing Jobs: There are several companies which offer writing jobs for websites. This again is a part time job which you can easily do from home.
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User Comments

  • By Maitriranjan Das on July 23, 2010, 5:50 am Maitri here.I am from Bhubaneswar. I aminterested to do some part time job like work from home.It may be data entry..I request you to inform me for the procedure.I desperately need a job. please send me quickly.
  • By Biju Badaik on August 2, 2010, 9:15 am Biju here.I am from Rourkela I aminterested to do some part time job like work from home.It may be data entry..I request you to inform me for the procedure.Kindly provide me as soon as soon as possible.
  • By Mrs. Sarika Sethi on October 2, 2010, 2:03 am I had worked in Travel line (Airline process/BPO/KPO/Auditing/Refunds) since last 8-9yrs. from few months I am a housewife now, want to continue work from home. I am B.Com graduate. I would like to work Account based or data entry based work.

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