Question: Hi my name is amit I have expertise in banking and finance and have 8yrs of experience in this field. I wanted to start Online Translation Job (English to Hindi). It should be home based. Can you tell me how I should start by working online from home?

By Amit on Wed 21-May-2008 12:54 PM

Answer: Hey Amit! I am positive that you will find a lucrative online job. You have 8 years experience and banking and finance degree; this is just adequate to actually guarantee you a very good job online. Translation jobs abound on the internet; just use a popular search engine and search for freelancing websites. Online translation jobs (English to Hindi) is home-based. Some of such jobs are very enjoyable and good.

However, you might have to wait for some time until you get what you aspire because in the beginning you might not be reputable enough so that service buyers would be assured when hiring you at a high-pay. I am not sure whether you thought of pursuing a job that would employ your potential and expertise; a financial job. There are financial tasks available online, YES! Some big firms choose to outsource their financial tasks to experts outside their slate of employees and actually outside the whole country. Some firms might hire you for long term projects.

Hence, you will have a steady, lucrative job while being your own boss and working from the midst of your home. I totally applaud your interest and earnestness to initiate your online, home-based career and would like to assure you that procuring (English to Hindi) online Translation job is facile. The internet comprises a galore of websites that offer extensive databases of jobs in diverse fields. See the suitable website for you and sign up for it and start exploring the jobs and applying for the ones you would be apt to complete.

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Question: I am interested to do online translation from English to Hindi, I am staying in Hyderabad, and Looking for Online Translation jobs in Hyderabad, can you please let me know how can I find this in here?

I am waiting for your reply,

By S.P.Singh on Sun 01-Jun-2008 08:47 AM

Answer: If you are interested in online translator and want to find out translators jobs in Hyderabad, then remember that most of your work is done in front of a computer. This can be a private job requiring much attention, which is perfect teleworking.

You can get your assignments via email and return and translated documents in the same way. Many companies offering online translation services and think there is great potential here, especially for a lot of companies, institutions or bodies which are located in various states.

Such translations can be got from various schools, colleges and educational institutions also, including for paper setting purposes and these have to be evaluated from time to time by keeping constant touch and internationally with the United Nations for their examinations as well as translations work. You can also broad based yourself and improve your income by representing yourself as interpreters also in various delegations, committees, symposia, seminars, investiture ceremonies or top dignitary functions where interpretations are involved for enabling conversation between English - Hindi and Hindi-English.

Thus, you should try to tap sources by clicking on to various websites, email addresses, newspapers, magazines, classified advertisements in them, walk-in opportunities, for enabling clicking for assignments for the purposes of work accomplishment and resultant income growth. You should also tie up to contact United Nations and other world bodies for providing you an opportunity of online translating and interpreting.

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  • By MOUMITA MUKHERJEE on October 29, 2010, 6:20 am I'm a housewife,who helps out students with their Physics,Chemistry n Mathslessons.I have done my M.Sc from B.H.U.
    I'm looking at a translation work ,I have a good command over English,Hindi n Bengali.
    I stay in Hyderabad,India.
  • By kAMALINI CHAKRAVARTI on March 24, 2011, 12:53 pm I am a working woman, and aspire to do some online translation jobs to earn more. My fields of interest being food related subjects, fashion, life style, women oriented topics and travel articles. I am a master degree holder in English Literature and am currently working with a news paper house in India, and reside in the same country as well.

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