CRM is the abbreviated form of Customer Relation Management. This job discipline falls under IT (information technology). It is rather a newly introduced job category which has high promises. Steady growth rate of this job discipline allows one to be convinced of its tremendous future ahead.

Great professional prospects of CRM have been inspiring young students and career aspirants throughout the world to choose educational and professional routes that may help them take up it as their profession.

Until recently, it was a general perception that the career field of CRM is the privilege of the selected experts and experienced professionals only. But now, this career choice has become a domain of all kinds of professionals and career aspirants including freshers. Due to its phenomenal growth and highly rewarding career prospects, CRM education and career options have become hot preferences.

Jobs in CRM in India: Overview

India is included among the leading global countries which are being benefited by the advent of Customer Relation Management (CRM) hugely. Industries and corporate sectors in the country are known to implement CRM in their operations at rapid pace. With the help of CRM, these organizations are able to set their targets and achieve their goals with maximum ease and comfort.

Companies and organizations in India have been using CRM for identifying, acquiring and retaining their customers, as well. Operational facilities achieved with the help of CRM have put the concerned companies on unprecedented success track. The scenario has compelled business organizations in India to absorb more and more professionals who have CRM skills.

Jobs in CRM Gurgaon

Among other industrial and professional hubs in India, Gurgaon maintains high position when it comes to offering CRM jobs. Business organizations in Gurgaon are in need of CRM professionals to work on various positions. Some of the important job positions which are usually offered by companies in Gurgaon include:

  • CRM Manager
  • ERP CRM project manager
  • CRM Analyst
  • Architect CRM
  • CRM Coordinator
  • CRM Program manager
  • SAP CRM Functional Consultant
  • CRM System Manager
  • CRM Specialist

Jobs for Freshers

Apart from these positions, business organizations in Gurgoan, Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad are also known to offer prospective job vacancies to job aspirants who have no previous job experience. Mostly, CRM jobs which are offered to freshers include posts such as Customer Relation Management Trainee and Customer Relation Management Executive.
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Jobs in CRM in India, Gurgaon: Jobs for Freshers

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