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Question : I am very keen to know more about internet based work available in Kolkata, that can be done from home without any unrealistic targets.

Your City: Kolkata
Your Country: West Bengal, India.

By M. S. Kurup on Thu 05-Jun-2008 09:09 PM

Answer: For taking up internet based work from home you need a computer, and connection of an internet for which you need to make a small investment. You will also find an alternative to go to a cyber café on an hourly basis for browsing their internet connections.

These efforts should be supplemented with proper efforts which generate job work orders for getting proper responses for growth. You need to advertise in newspapers, journals, and magazines and insert classified advertisements for proper responses generation and contacts generation for proper work procurement as well as augmenting career growth.

You would appreciate that cyber café method would also help you starting without your own computer, and when you have enough budget you can have your own computer at home and internet connection, and you can even have your office.

You can also get plugged on to various websites and send emails for getting various contacts through and can contact international bodies all over the world as well as top multinational companies for proper enrichment of work and values which enable you to undertake more rewarding work with ensure commensurate compensation which would act as stimulation for you to undertake more and more work on internet and deliver your services and meet deadlines for your clientele.

Thus, you can gradually grow your business from a meager level to substantial level over a period of time by developing all your contacts and sources of work generation for ensuring proper flow of work and delivery standards.

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User Comments

  • By Asma on June 10, 2010, 2:31 pm Dear sir/madam, this is Asma a housewife looking for a typing job and I am very good at typing and I can type 60 words per minute and I have passed my higher type writing and I am a BSc.,BEd. and not working anywhere.
  • By Rk. Bemthoi Sana on July 26, 2010, 2:15 pm Dear Sir/Madam, I am a student seeking a online job that I able to work from my own place. I have confident on myself on any online application like:- web design(html,java), photo editing(photoshop6 to 8cs2), typing etc. many more. I am not working yet.
    Just searching a suitable job/work according to my qualification, ability, experience & skill.
    Now I am staying in Calcutta.

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