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Ludhiana is an industrial city in the state of Punjab. The city is known for its hosiery companies. Many other companies can also be found in and around the city. Job of a typist is available in all these establishments

What Exactly You Need To Do In Online Typing Jobs
The job of a typist is to look after the secretarial and clerical aspects of a company. As these functional aspects of a company involve a lot of documentation and maintenance of data, a typist in Ludhiana has to take care of all this.

How Go and Get Typing Jobs from Home
Finding typing work in Ludhiana involves no hassle at all. Just browse through the classified ads of daily newspapers. You can come across many ads which require typists. If you sear for typing jobs in Ludhiana, online you can expect to stumble upon many more such opportunities.

What Knowledge / Skills You Require for Free Home Based Typing Jobs
Accurate and quick typing are important skills required to become a good typist. And this can only be achieved if you learn to type the proper way.

Before picking up an assignment it is very important to learn to type the proper way. While typing your fingers should be on the right positions for typing without seeing. Though it takes some amount of effort to achieve this, but it is necessary in order to ensure your typing is efficient and fast. In order to enhance typing speed and memorize key positions use text to speech TTS technologies. Also read programs aloud. All this is of extreme help for achieving efficient and fast typing.

A very good way to improve typing skills is to use TTS and read aloud software!

Read aloud programs are of great help in increasing your typing skills. When you can hear what you are typing, you always get to check whether your typing is right or wrong. Using text to speech software to read the text loudly when you are typing without having a look at the monitor can be highly effective. Speaking Notepad is useful software which will read aloud all that you have typed. This helps you to be constantly aware of all the mistakes you often make. Once you are made conscious of this you will try to avoid them in future. Thus you move towards 100% error free typing. This apart, Speaking Notepad is all the more helpful because they can convert texts to speech and create Mp3 and Wav audio files from texts.

Advantages of Freelance Typing Jobs
Working as a typist from home has its own advantages. There is a lot of flexibility that can be had by taking typing jobs at home. You don't have any fixed hours of working. So choose your timings as you want to. You also save on a lot of traveling expenditure. You can also keep yourself away from nasty office politics.

What is the scope of Internet Typing Jobs in Ludhiana?
Ludhiana offers excellent growth prospect for typists. This is because as an industrial city, many new companies are coming up in the city. All these companies will surely provide plenty of openings to typists.

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User Comments

  • By Chaya on October 5, 2010, 4:37 am Chaya Hi, I am Chhaya. I am resident of Ludhiana. I am postgraduate in Computer science. I am stay at home mom. I want to start business from home. I have computer with internet connection. But i don't have typing speed. I can give 3-4 hours a day. I am really interested in knowing this type of opportunities in details.
  • By Kapil on February 3, 2011, 12:26 pm HI I am Kapil.. I am applying for job as i think we need something extra with work in this competitive world. I am really excited to see these kinds of jobs by which we can earn from home itself...I am also waiting for chance to do a job
  • By nasheema sidddique on July 8, 2011, 6:32 am I am a post graduation student in PAU, vet medicine, Ludhiana. I have an excellent academic record till now,quick learner. I am looking for some typing job..have good speed in it with accuracy...i m staying in pau campus only...kindly reply soon..thank you.

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